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About us

We are a family owned and run business with many years of history and experience in the construction and hospitality industries.  The restoration work has been a huge undertaking over several years but our goal is to provide the right balance of comfort, convenience and charm in an environment suitable for adults to relax, play and recharge.  

The restoration work has been undertaken in a manner to keep the character of the building intact with high walls, windows and floors. It contains a variety of antique fittings and fixtures as well as the inclusion of memorabilia of early years.  The atmosphere is warm and inviting with plenty of space to entertain a group or retreat to an intimate setting.  We want to see St Josephs Guesthouse become a much loved favourite retreat for people eager to savour the delights of healthy country living.



St Josephs Guesthouse was originally a Gothic styled Catholic Church to serve the growing community of the Macdonald River valley.  It was built from locally quarried sandstone with the Foundation stone being laid in 1839.

The original church was the largest stone structure outside of the Sydney settlement. The funds, materials and labour were supplied by the growing valley population and the project was led by an architect, a stone mason and a builder. The congregation however did not meet the expectations of the local minister and the small flock soon lost their shepherd. Two monks came later and modified the church for use as a monastery. This worklasted a few years but they too went their way looking for an income and a larger field for their spiritual work.

The church limped along for only a year or two until a bushfire attacked and destroyed every bit of timber in the place. The stonework survived the onslaught but the heat and subsequent years of rain had weakened the mortar and some of the walls began sagging and bowing.

With restoration work complete, the atmosphere of the building has been reborn. There is a pervasive peace and tranquility that feeds the soul and recharges the spirit.Comfortable lodgings, good food and great company complete the package.  Weddings have become a major event booking as St Joseph's Guesthouse is a  unique venue in a stunning location providing an amazing backdrop for unforgettable memories.






With convict built roads and buildings and a large number of graveyards sprinkled throughout the valley, there are many opportunities to investigate the local history - including a 166 year old pub nearby